Arizona plumbing, leak detection, mold remediation, and rodent control (2023)

Twin Home Experts began primarily as aplumbing company,Serving the entire Maricopa County area in Arizona. With over 16,000 repeat customers from the cities of Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Cave Creek and Phoenix, we believe in continuing to provide 5-star ⭐️ service and expanding our delivery services in the area.As twin brothers, we can run our family business with twice the service and twice the attention.Our father David Schuelke, the founder, taught us to treat our customers with honesty and integrity and they will be devoted fans for life. "Thanks Dad," we live up to that motto every day with every service call.

One of the most common calls we receiveArizona is leak detectioncalls, such as B. Panel leaks, interior wall leaks, water heater leaks, roof leaks, gas leaks, and rain leak detection. What clients appreciate about our leak detection services is that we don't just find leaks, we fix them and put the house back together.

Our plumbing jobs also require us to have fully equipped trucks, as moving from Cave Creek through Chandler to Scottsdale makes it more convenient for our clients and our plumbing specialists to get the job done immediately and on site.

Drain cleaning and sewer repairs are other plumbing services we offer. Drains often need to be inspected and located, so the right camera is required. The tracking devices provided accurate assessments and helped us provide our customers with multiple options.

Trenchless sewer, epoxy coating, broken pipes and spot repairs. In fact, many of our clients come to us for a second opinion on sewer replacement, as it is such a big windfall investment. We always recommend that our Arizona customers get at least 3 offers and make the most informed pricing decision. value and guarantee.

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With so many customers receiving emergency calls from plumbers and being first responders, we felt the need to become certified in flood recovery and sewer cleaning. The faster you prevent water from migrating to other parts of the property, the less damage it will cause. Plus, because we have fully stocked warehouses at our Mesa and Scottsdale locations and truckloads of dehumidifiers, air movers, heat dryers, and air scrubbers, we're able to restore as we go. Partnership with Home Insurance offers another benefit to our customers, especially at this time when people have lost their jobs or been laid off.

Our mold remediation certification also gives us the great benefit of helping our clients when, in these unfortunate times, they encounter mold by fixing a pipe in the wall or treating long-term leaks with our amazing 'Double Impact' mold remover that kills mildew and stain removal in one application. We take mold remediation very seriously and do our post test to ensure ALL of our customers have a clean bill of health and certificate.

Mold remediation in Arizona requires proper containment, air fresheners, and safe micro antimicrobial solutions. Mold cleaning and HEPA vacuuming, and as a final step we run our highly effective electrostatic misting to remove any spores that may be in the air and give our customers the peace of mind they deserve.

Having a lot of mold work leads to odor removal and detection, as many homeowners initially assume a mold problem. With our state-of-the-art non-toxic smoke test equipment, we can detect sewage odors being injected into the drainage system and find the cracks or breaks where the gases are escaping and causing bad odors in the indoor air.

Odor removal requires the right process and products that will NOT temporarily mask the odor, but instead remove it on a molecular level once and for all. Eliminating odors also requires investigating the source and we found dead rodents in attics, ceilings and walls that leave a very bad smell. In the process, we became pros at excluding rodents and finding points of entry. Many customers contact us when they hear "scratches on walls or ceiling".

Our Arizona rodent control team is growing rapidly as rodents in today's environment have become more aggressive, entering homes in search of food and nesting sites. We have the most effective entry point removal materials on the market and our process does not give mice any chance of further entry. Our attic rodent cleaning process is extremely effective as it utilizes critical barriers, protects floors and personal belongings, and applies our enzymes which decontaminate all rat urine and feces. Our customers in Arizona feel safe once the job is done and most of the rodent infestation is gone.

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One of our amazing clients from Scottsdale, Arizona asked 15 years ago if we could renovate his shower and bath, since we are in the home service business and have the proper licenses and insurance born in Arizona. Hiring our bathroom remodeling expert, Dan Cole, to lead our amazing team in performing tub-to-shower remodels, tubs, showers, full bathroom renovations, and one day bathroom remodels has become our hallmark with our polymeric material technology and over 30 different custom colors to choose from.

The Twin Home Experts bathroom remodeling process at our Arizona location consists of:

1 – We go to the site and evaluate and measure

2- We discuss and assist in the design and floor plan

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3- We'll show you our custom color swatches and walk you through the design.

4-We discuss the design and models of hydraulic lighting

5 - Coordinate installation and completion dates with clients.

We are happy to take care of them.TusconmiScottdaleArea for all kinds of bathroom renovations.


When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Arizona, we have developed a process that involves a dust-free environment. We believe this is a significant step forward for our clients, as one of the biggest complaints we hear from Arizona homeowners is, "The renovation was a very dusty and messy process." 🇧🇷

  • We use air purification devices to ensure indoor air stays clean
  • Continuous floor protection from entry points to the work area
  • plastic barriers
  • Hepa aspiration in the demo
  • Daily cleaning of the site.

These steps are a great experience and creating a dream bathroom for our clients in Arizona on their last day is our greatest reward.


If your home is affected by mold, whether you see it or not, the twins will protect you. Our mold processing consists of two parts. First, we test homes in Arizona for mold infestation when mold is not visible. If you have visible mold growth after laboratory confirmation, or if your home has visible mold growth without testing, we perform remedial services. When it comes to reliable Arizona mold remediation and non-destructive treatment, look no further than Twins. We are proud to offer comprehensive mold remediation services to Arizona communities. At Twins you can count on the best 24/7 mold remediation services, as we know mold can be the result of leaky, rain and poorly ventilated showers. We use the most advanced mold remediation technology and solutions to properly stop the spread of mold and find the root cause of the problem, whether it is a leak or something else causing the moisture.

When you call The Twin Home Experts at our Arizona location, your mold remediation process includes the following

  • Mold testing and inspection
  • A thorough cleaning of the air duct in your home
  • Drywall repairs any mold contamination.
  • Flood damage repair in your home
  • Non-destructive removal of mold and mildew
  • Water damage cleanup from leaks caused by unseen events


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