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Article updated: January 2, 2023

beard thick. It corresponds to the beard scales on the scalp. Ask any man with a beard and he'll probably tell you he's been there before.

The tension in the beard is caused by the lack of natural oils in the so-called skinsebumwhich is produced in the sebaceous glands and is responsible for maintaining the nutrition and hydration of our skin and hair.

Best Beard Oil for Dry Skin, Dandruff and Itchiness [2023] ⋆ Buksehund (1)

Unfortunately, while most men's sebaceous glands churn out sebum like engines, those who grow beards tend to have the shitty end of the stick when it comes to sebum production.

The problem is that our sebaceous glands, as efficient as they are, can hardly keep up with the need for constant beard growth. They work great when our facial hair is trimmed or shaved short, but as facial hair grows, crap starts to fall into the water.

Since longer beard hair requires more sebum to stay nourished and hydrated, our sebaceous glands struggle to produce enough sebum to meet the needs of both the beard and the skin. This eventually leads not only to a dry, brittle beard, but also to dry skin and scales (dandruff).

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How to put an end to dry skin and roughness of the beard

Now that you know the cause of dry skin and beards, you may be wondering what you can do to stop it.

Although there are tons of anti-dandruff shampoos and treatments on the market, such as Head & Shoulders and Nizoral - they are full of chemicals and ingredients that make them suitable for scalp use only.

Now you are thinking to yourself:screw it, i'll use one anyway. The truth is, I wouldn't blame you. Most men who struggle with beard dandruff have considered using an anti-dandruff beard shampoo at some point.

Best Beard Oil for Dry Skin, Dandruff and Itchiness [2023] ⋆ Buksehund (2)

But before you start lathering your beard with a bottle of Head & Shoulders shampoo, I want to point out that it probably won't help. In fact, it will likely irritate the sensitive skin on your face and end up making the problem worse.

You need to understand that the skin on your face is very different from the skin on your scalp.

Check out my list of the best anti-dandruff beard cleansers

Did you know that the skin on the scalp is by far the thickest on the human body? Up to 8mm thick in some areas. For comparison, the skin on our face is about 1.51 mm, and in some places it is as thin as 0.5 mm.

With this information in mind, it's no wonder why dandruff treatments should be limited to the thick, tough skin of the scalp and not the face or chin.

Beard oil

In addition to completely shaving the beard (twirling), it is one of the most effective solutions forbeard dandruff treatmentand dry skin use a simple beard oil for many purposes.

Beard oil offers a number of benefits including:

  • Softens beard hair
  • Removes itchy beard
  • Nourishes and moisturizes beard hair
  • Helps release hair from the chin
  • Helps prevent beard loss
  • Adds a masculine scent (if scented)
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • It helps to get rid of beard dandruff

While there are many beard oils on the market, each containing different ingredients, I have compiled a list of the best and most effective beard oils for dry skin and dandruff.

Each of the beard oils below is specificformulano da hrani, hydrates,remove dry skin, and helpput an end to annoying and unsightly dandruff. To enjoy.


  • Beard Oil from Bearded Pomegranate
  • Jack Black Beard Oil
  • Ranger Grooming Co. Skægolie
  • Shea Moisture - Beard Care Oil
  • Scogolia viking revolution
  • Marlowe br. 143
  • Beard oil cream
  • Prophet and Tools Beard Oil

The best beard oils for dry skin, dandruff and itchiness, reviewed

Bearded Garnet (2 oz)

Best Beard Oil for Dry Skin, Dandruff and Itchiness [2023] ⋆ Buksehund (3)
Best Beard Oil for Dry Skin, Dandruff and Itchiness [2023] ⋆ Buksehund (4)

if you suffer fromdry skin, beard dandruff or itchy beard, I suggest you check out The Bearded Grenade line of premium beard oils. Bearded Grenade takes a scientific approach to the way it formulates its beard oil and includes ingredients in its beard oil blend that have provenShut upImoisturizes the skin. Inside each bottle of beard oil, you'll find unique skin-friendly carrier oils that you simply won't find in most beard oils, including: passion fruit seed oil, watermelon seed oil, jojoba oil, and rosehip oil. These carrier oils have been specially selected by The Bearded Grenade for their beneficial properties on the skin and their ability to combat irritating itchy beards, dry skin and dandruff.

What else is good about The Bearded Grenade Beard Oil?

• Great for overall beard health and appearance

TBG Beard Oil is great for getting rid of dry skin and beards, but that's not all it's good for. In addition to skin moisturizing ingredients, TBG Beard Oil contains essential oils selected for their ability to improve the health, appearance and smooth growth of the beard. It also helps prevent beard breakage and split ends. Here's a full breakdown of the ingredients for The Bearded Grenade:

Meadowsweet Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Passion Seed Oil, Vitamin E

• Incredible fragrance potential

Fighting dandruff and dry skin doesn't have to be a chore. in fact, it can be a lot of fun in the right wayscented beard oil. One of the things I really like about The Bearded Grenade is their line of great smelling beard oils. Here's a closer look at some of their fragrance selections:

  • Stem for the Stern– It has a watery cologne that smells just as good. With notes of citrus, amber, sea and wood, this men's aromatic beard oil will leave your beard smelling great and free of dandruff and itchiness.
  • Freshly grated– A citrus-scented beard oil that smells like a freshly peeled orange with a hint of vanilla. It is light, fresh, clean and the perfect fragrance for everyday use.
  • Pest mask– Possibly TBG's most unique beard oil, Plague Mask has a warm, spicy and earthy scent that contains notes of cinnamon, clove, tobacco, leather, resin, coffee, vanilla and patchouli. It's warm, dark, masculine and a great fragrance for men looking for something a little unusual.
  • Ragged Wood- Scented as masculine as the name suggests, TBG's Ragged Wood Beard Oil is the perfect choice for men who enjoy a beard oil with a real woody scent. With notes of cedar, sandalwood, pine and vetiver, you can smell like a real ranger while eliminating dry skin and beard.
  • Skirmishing– Looking for a light subtle fragrance? Fresh has a blend of mint and eucalyptus that is light, clean and refreshing. Not too strong, but a bit more adventurous than unscented.
  • ROUGH(odorless)– Do you want to completely give up the smell? Bearded Grenade RAW unscented beard oil is the perfect choice for you. Formulated without fragrance or fragrance, RAW will combat dry skin, roughness and itchiness in the beard while leaving your beard soft, smooth and incredibly healthy.

• Handmade in the USA in small batches

One of the things I really like about The Bearded Grenade is that they are a small company based in the US that prioritizes quality and freshness. All of their beard oils are handcrafted in the USA in small, quality-controlled batches. This not only ensures consistency, but also means a fresher product for consumers. While most large companies order their ingredients in bulk to save costs and increase inventory, The Bearded Grenade orders their ingredients in small quantities, ensuring that only the freshest ingredients go into their beard oil.


  • + Under certain conditionswith ingredients that fight dry skin and beards
  • + Made in small batches in the USA
  • +TBG prioritizes quality and freshness
  • +Improves the overall health, appearance and growth of the beard
  • + Amazing fragrance potential
  • +Cool product packaging
  • + Large 2oz aluminum bottle with pump dispenser
  • It is a bit expensive

Jack Black Beard Oil (1 oz)

Best Beard Oil for Dry Skin, Dandruff and Itchiness [2023] ⋆ Buksehund (5)

Jack Black Beard Oil is foreliminates dry skin and beardwhile giving to his beard athe nutritional kick of premium essential oils. Formulated with a unique blendkalahari melon oil, plum oil and marula oil, this super premium beard oil from Jack Black does a fantastic jobsoftens dry, brittle facial hairat the same time it gives the skin vitalitynutrition and hydration. While I'm not crazy about the premium price (my one negative), Jack Black products have shown me time and time again, they really areget what you paid for.

What I like about Jack Black Beard Oil:

• A little goes a long way

As I mentioned earlier, this Jack Black Beard Oil isn't exactly cheap. But to be fair, I will point out that you really don't need to use a lot of it to achieve full beard coverage. Just 2-3 drops of this stuff goes amazingly far and will be more than enough for most full beards.

• Pump applicator

While eye drop applicators work well for their purpose, I prefer the more modern pump applicator that Jack Black uses on this bottle of beard oil. It is fast, accurate and very easy to use. I know it's not the biggest deal in the world, but it adds to the overall premium quality and feel of this Jack Black beard oil.

• Improves the health and appearance of the beard

In addition to Jack Black's beard oil's ability to stop beard dryness and roughness, it also improves the look and feel of beard hair. Used daily (as it should be), Jack Black Beard Oil softens coarse beard hair, detangles and leaves a smooth, healthy-looking beard.


  • + Excellent for dry skin and beards
  • + Unique formula containing melon, plum and Kalahari lettuce oils
  • + Smells amazing
  • + Softens and moisturizes beard hair
  • + Simple pump dispenser
  • - It is expensive

Ranger Beard Oil (1 oz)

Best Beard Oil for Dry Skin, Dandruff and Itchiness [2023] ⋆ Buksehund (6)

Make dry skin and stubble a thing of the past with Ranger Beard Oil for Men. This is extremely popular (5000+ reviews on Amazon)organic beard oilis designed forimprove the quality and health of the beard, malemoisturizes dry skin and helps remove beard dandruff. Ranger Beard Oil has an eye dropper application and is made withonly two ingredients:Argan oil and jojoba oil.Fragrance and fragrance free, this beard oil is meant forused dailyto protect your beardsoft and hydrated, but most importantly yesput an end to irritating dry skin and beard scales.

What I like about Ranger Beard Oil:

• Easy to apply

Ranger Beard Oil has a medium consistency (not too thick, not too thin) that spreads easily on even the thickest of beards. You also don't have to spend a lot to get the job done. In other words, a little goes a long way.

• Argan and jojoba oils

Ranger Beard Oil excels at relieving dry skin and dandruff, thanks to its two main ingredients (and only ingredients): argan oil and jojoba oil.

  • Argan oil– Made from the core of the argan tree originating from Morocco. This medium-density oil is packed with omega fatty acids and vitamin E that hydrate the skin and remove dry patches. It is considered safe for all skin types and is non-caesogenic (does not clog pores).
  • Jojoba oil– Full of vitamins and minerals useful for hair and skin that take care of dry skin and beard and help to remove dandruff. What it contains: vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E, copper and zinc. Jojoba oil is safe for all skin types and is non-edible.

• 100% organic

You don't have to be a tree lover to appreciate natural and organic ingredients. I'm not. But when it comes to my skincare and grooming needs, I prefer to know what I'm putting on my skin. Ranger Beard Oil contains only safe, natural, organic oils that will not harm your beard or skin. No additives, no fragrances and no fillers.

• Penetrates quickly and dries quickly

One of the good things about Ranger Beard Oil is that it penetrates quickly into the skin and beard, so it dries quickly. Just don't put it off of course. You only need a certain amount to achieve full coverage.


  • +Moisturizes dry skin
  • +Eliminates beards
  • + Softens the beard
  • + Organic
  • + Dries quickly
  • +Reasonable price
  • +/- Fragrance free
  • +/- Application for eye drops

Shea Moisture - Beard Care Oil

Best Beard Oil for Dry Skin, Dandruff and Itchiness [2023] ⋆ Buksehund (7)

Fight dandruff, dry skin and itchiness with the power of shea butter. Shea Moisture Beard Conditioning Oil is made with several unique ingredients not commonly found in beard oil, including shea butter and passion fruit oil. Both of these ingredients are known for their excellent skin benefits and are often used in skin care products for their ability to remove dry skin. Other key ingredients include: grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and argan oil.

What I like about Shea Moisture Beard Oil:

• Feels great on the beard

One of the first things I notice about beard oil is how nice it feels on my beard after I apply it. I really like the way Shea Moisture Beard Oil smoothes and conditions my beard, leaving it looking healthy and full.

• Pleasant smell

Shea Moisture Beard Oil doesn't have a strong scent, but it still smells nice and pleasant. It's great for men who don't enjoy strong scents in their beards, but still enjoy a light scent that's pleasing to the nostrils.

• Simple pump dispenser

I'm starting to develop a penchant for beard oil bottles with pump dispensers simply because they're so handy. Shea Moisture Beard Oil features a single pump dispenser that makes application of the oil easy, convenient and hassle-free.

Foam and Wood Beard Oil (1 oz)

Best Beard Oil for Dry Skin, Dandruff and Itchiness [2023] ⋆ Buksehund (8)

This"Excessive Hydration"Lather & Wood Beard Oil is for just that:moisturizes dry skin and beard while removing unsightly scales. Formulirano sa7 completely natural essential oils,including:hazelnut, jojoba, argan, beaver, coconut, grape seed and pomegranate. It also containsmoisturizes and soothes the skiningredients likealoe vera and green tea extract. Besidesingredients useful for beard and skin, Beard oil with lather and wood has awaterproof pump applicatorwhich is convenient to use and, in my opinion, better than the old fashioned eye droppers.

What I like about Lather & Wood Beard Oil:

• Smells amazing

If you're looking for a great smelling beard oil that also fights dry skin and dandruff, look no further than Lather & Wood. It has a great fragrance that is not too strong or overpowering, but lingers subtly throughout the day. It smells fresh, masculine, robust and is the perfect compliment to any man's beard.

• Pump applicator

I really like the waterproof pump applicator that Lather & Wood uses on their bottle. It's fast, accurate, easy to use, and best of all, you don't have to deal with one of those old eye drops.


  • + Very moisturizing for skin and beard
  • + Removes beard
  • + Smells great
  • + 7 completely natural oils
  • + Aloe vera and green tea to moisturize the skin
  • + Bottle that does not spill
  • + Pump applicator
  • - A bit expensive

Viking Revolution Skægolie (1 oz)

Best Beard Oil for Dry Skin, Dandruff and Itchiness [2023] ⋆ Buksehund (9)

This100% naturalViking Revolution Beard Oil is a worthy addition to this list because of its ability to do sonourishes and moisturizes dry skin, removes beards and itching. Formulirano saorganic argan and jojoba oils, Viking Revolution Beard Oil hasmedium density consistencywho submits the applicationQuick and easy. While I'm not crazy about the dropper (personal preference), I'd say for the price, quality and scent (4 options), you definitely can't go wrong with this oneTop qualitybeard oil from the viking revolution.

What I like about Viking Revolution Beard Oil:

• Scent options

If you're the type who likes options, Viking Revolution is definitely worth a look. Available in 4 fantastic fragrances, which smell fresh and masculine. The range includes: sandalwood (pictured), laurel, cedar pine, sage and even an unscented option.

• Affordable

One of the things that makes Viking Revolution Beard Oil so great is its affordable price. And although the price is considered quite cheap, it is by no means a cheap quality oil. It contains premium argan and jojoba oils that effectively nourish and moisturize, while at the same time fighting dry skin and unsightly dandruff.


  • + 100% natural
  • + Moisturizes dry skin
  • + Removes beard
  • + Argan and jojoba oils
  • + 4 fragrance options
  • + Really affordable
  • +/- Application for eye drops

Marlowe Br. 143 (3 oz)

Best Beard Oil for Dry Skin, Dandruff and Itchiness [2023] ⋆ Buksehund (10)

Marlowe men's products are designed to besimple and effective, and this beard oil no. 143 embodies it in a T. Especially formulated fornourishes and moisturizes dry skin and beard, maleall natural oilsEfficientlyremove ugly scales and itchy beard. Contains onlysafe, natural essential oils, including:sunflower oil, soybean oil and safflower oil. In addition to being an effective beard oil, Marlowe No. 143 is also a very good deal. Thatlarge 3 oz bottleit contains 3 times the amount of oil you'll find in most other brands, and it's a great price too.

What I like about Marlowe Beard Oil:

• Good trade

Marlowe is not only a high quality beard oil but also very reasonably priced and the bottle is about 3 times the size of most other beard oils. It's the perfect choice for men who want to enjoy the benefits of premium quality but don't necessarily want to spend a ton of money to get it.


  • + Moisturizes dry skin and beard
  • + Removes scales
  • + Completely natural
  • + Large 3oz bottle
  • + Really affordable
  • +/- He would smoke

skægolie cream (1 oz)

Best Beard Oil for Dry Skin, Dandruff and Itchiness [2023] ⋆ Buksehund (11)

With a wide range of men's grooming products including somefantastic smelling body cream, Crem products are known forquality and efficiencyand their Revitalizing Beard Oil is no exception. Containsnatural jojoba and argan oilsI am doingeliminate itchy beard, dry skin and flaking. He also does a great jobdry beard hair care, combing,and even adds a light, fresh,men's perfume(3 options). Cremo Beard Oil is offered in 1 oz glass bottles with an eye applicator, it is a versatile compact beard oilvery affordable price.

What I like about Cremo Beard Oil:

• Smells amazing

Cremo beard oil is available in 2 fragrance options: Mint Blend and Forest Blend. And while both scents smell amazing, I'm leaning towards the Mint Blend. It smells fresh, clean and masculine, but not too strong or overpowering.

• Softens and moisturizes

Cremo Beard Oil does a fantastic job of softening, detangling and taming coarse beard hair. Thanks to argan and jojoba oils, Cremo has the perfect medium/thick consistency that quickly penetrates thick, tangled beard hair while nourishing and moisturizing.


  • + Excellent for dry skin
  • + Removes beard
  • + Removes itchy beard
  • + Jojoba and argan oils
  • + 3 fragrance options: mint, forest, unscented
  • + Very affordable
  • +/- Application pipette

Prophet and Tools skægolie (1 oz)

Best Beard Oil for Dry Skin, Dandruff and Itchiness [2023] ⋆ Buksehund (12)

Remove dry skin and beard dandrufflike a boss with Prophet and Tools Beard Oil for Men. Thisoil for everythingis designed forimprove beard health, prevent split ends, growth, improve beard growth, treat dry skin and prevent flakes. They even include a pretty cool onea wooden beard combwith every order. It is made with natural ingredients such as:vitamin E, aloe vera, chamomile and jojoba oilProphet and Tools beard oil offers top quality, with very highreasonable priceperfect.

What I like about Prophet and Tools Beard Oil:

• Supports beard health and growth

Getting rid of dry skin and roughness in your beard isn't the only thing Prophet and Tools Beard Oil is great for. It is made with ingredients that have been proven to improve the quality of beard hair and promote even thicker and fuller facial hair. What's inside:

  • Vitamin E– When applied topically, vitamin E has been shown to improve the health and appearance of the beard and is believed to promote thicker and fuller growth.
  • Aloe– Helps to smooth the beard hairs and gives shine. It is also believed to promote growth, relieve itchy beards and prevent dandruff.
  • Chamomile– Promotes healthier, shinier beard hair and helps relieve dry skin and dandruff.
  • Jojoba oil– Packed with vitamins and nutrients that improve beard health and promote thicker, fuller growth.

• Helps prevent split ends and breakage

It's every beard grower's worst nightmare: breakage and split ends. While there's nothing we can do about existing split ends (other than cutting them off), we can take steps to prevent them from reoccurring. Prophet and Tools Beard Oil is specially formulated with beard-beneficial ingredients that help improve hair elasticity, helping to eliminate breakage and split ends.


  • + Removes dry skin
  • + Removes dandruff in the beard
  • + Improves beard growth
  • + Contains vitamin E, aloe oil, chamomile and jojoba
  • +/- He would smoke
  • + Free beard comb
  • + Affordable
  • +/- Application for eye drops

How to apply beard oil

Best Beard Oil for Dry Skin, Dandruff and Itchiness [2023] ⋆ Buksehund (13)

As I mentioned earlier in this article, beard oil offers many benefits for your skin and beard. Not only does it relieve dry skin and beard growth, it dramatically improves the overall appearance, health and quality of beard growth.

Bottom line: If you're not currently using a beard oil, get up.

While applying beard oil isn't exactly the most complicated grooming procedure for men, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. If you're new to beard oils, you may have a few questions about how to use them.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about using beard oil:When is it best to apply it? How much do you need?Ihow often should it be applied?

Below, I'll answer these common questions and give you some additional tips on how to get the most out of your beard oil.

When is the best time to apply beard oil?

Probably one of the most common questions when it comes to using beard oil is: when is the best time to apply it?

While it's great to apply beard oil at any time, it does the best for your beard and skin when applied right after you shower.

This is because the steam and hot water temporarily open the pebble-like protective outer layer of the beard hair, called the cuticle, allowing the beard oil to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft.

How Much Beard Oil Should You Use?

How much oil you need depends entirely on the size of your beard. Of course.

Here is onegeneral guidelineto determine how much oil to use based on average beard growth for most men:

No beard for 1 month of growth – 3 to 4 drops of oil

1-3 months of growth – 4 to 6 drops of oil

3-12 months of growth – 6-10 drops of oil

12 months and up – 10+ drops of oil

Although facial hair does not grow at the same rate for all men, I would like to point out that this is only a guideline. Depending on the length, thickness and density of your beard, it will take some trial and error to find the right amount of oil for your beard.

Just remember that your beard should never look wet or greasy after applying the oil. If there is, use less.

On the other hand, if you notice that your beard looks dry or brittle after applying oil, you're probably not using enough.

How Often Should You Apply Beard Oil?

work day! Especially if you suffer from dry skin under your chin and chin. Daily application of beard oil will keep your beard looking its best while also relieving dry skin and flakes. You should definitely incorporate beard oil into your daily routine.

Oil application

When it comes to lubrication, remember to take your time and be careful.

Trin 1.Pour the oil into your palm and use your hands to spread the oil over your fingers and toes.

Trin 2.Apply the oil to the skin and roots before applying to the rest of the beard. This is especially important to keep the skin under your chin moisturized and prevent flakes.

Trin 3.Apply the oil thoroughly to the beard while combing. Be sure not to ignore the area under the chin and along the neck.

Following these steps will ensure your beard and skin are thoroughly nourished, hydrated and looking their best.

Thanks for checking out my list of the best beard oils for dry, dandruff and itchy skin. If you found this article helpful, please check out my list abovethe best fragrance-free beard balms for sensitive skin. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop me a line in the comments section below.


Which oil is best for beard dandruff? ›


This rich oils will target inflammation, restore moisture and protect the skin from external factors. Apply to dry hair and let it absorb before your head hits the pillow!

What beard oil stops itching and breakage? ›

Medicine Man's Anti-itch Beard Oil is best applied while your beard is damp, after a shower or a wash up. Just pump as much as needed into one hand, rub both your hands together and rub into your beard. and skin thoroughly. Leave in after application.

Why is my beard so itchy and flaky? ›

Beard dandruff is caused by a condition called seborrheic dermatitis, which causes beard rash and the skin to flake. While experts do not know exactly what causes seborrheic dermatitis, they do know that it is a reaction to a yeast on the skin called Malassezia.

Does beard oil Help with beard dandruff? ›

Since dry skin is the primary cause of most beard dandruff, it's important to keep the skin beneath your beard well moisturized. This will help prevent your skin from drying out and shedding flakes. While most recommend a beard oil, we prefer a specialized facial moisturizer designed for men with facial hair.

What is the best thing to hydrate your beard? ›

Moisturizer with at least SPF 30 (until your stubble turns into a beard) Beard conditioner (for acne-prone skin), beard oil (for normal or dry skin types), or gentle moisturizer (sensitive skin) Beard comb and beard brush.

How do I get rid of dry flaky skin under my beard? ›

If you have beard dandruff, those little skin flakes are made up of dead skin cells. If you don't clean them away, they can clog pores and trap even more dirt. By physically brushing your beard with a brush, you can bring all the dead and flaking skin to the surface and rinse it away.

Why does my beard itch even with oil? ›

Itching, or contact dermatitis

Yes, it is. However, harsh synthetic fragrances – or natural oils included in too high a quantity – can actually make your beard itchier. This is known as contact dermatitis, and it's your skin's way of saying “I'm not used to this and I don't like this”.

What oils make your hair stop itching? ›

Using essential oils like Argan oil, Tea tree oil, or Lemongrass oil, can be your answer on how to get rid of dandruff and itching. They bring anti-microbial properties that help remove the dandruff-causing germs and rebuild the natural barrier on your scalp.

Does argan oil help with itchy beard? ›

If you have an itchy beard or dry skin, argan oil is a great solution. “It provides comfort and hydration to the skin under the hair and the beard.

How do I stop seborrheic dermatitis on my beard? ›

Wash your face (including your beard) twice a day, using a gentle skin cleanser. And use a topical anti-acne medication, containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or retinoids, available over the counter. A dermatologist can prescribe other medications to get you in the clear.

Is beard dandruff a fungus? ›

Beard dandruff is basically the same as dandruff on your head, with the same cause - Malassezia fungus. Yeah, it sounds nasty, but it's not as bad as you think. This fungus feeds on the natural oils that are produced by your skin, something that's called sebum. This fungus starts breaking this down into oleic acid.

How often should you apply beard oil? ›

Most men should apply beard oil twice a day, once in the morning before starting your day and once at night before bed. Pro Tip: Take a nice warm shower before bed and apply a bit more oil to your face and beard than you normally would in the morning. Let the beard oil work its magic overnight.

What is the best oil for dry itchy flaky scalp? ›

"Tea tree, peppermint, ginger, and cade oil can help alleviate itchy scalps and reduce inflammation," she tells Byrdie. "Coconut oil is sometimes recommended as an emollient to help with dry skin and dandruff, and there is some evidence that rosemary oil may help with hair growth."

Should I apply oil if I have dandruff and dry scalp? ›

Dry scalp, not taking enough care of your hair, etc. can cause dandruff. When it comes to treating dandruff there are multiple remedies that one can do at home to bid adieu to those flakes and the most remedy of all time is oilingyour hair. Oiling your hair is good, but it's not good for dandruff.

How do you get rid of dry flaky scalp and dandruff? ›

6 Tips to Fight Flakes
  1. Wash your hair often. ...
  2. If lots of washes with a regular shampoo aren't working, try dandruff shampoo. ...
  3. When using dandruff shampoo, lather twice and let the lather sit for 5 minutes. ...
  4. Use a conditioner after a dandruff shampoo. ...
  5. Try not to scratch if flakes itch.
Sep 22, 2021

What is the best natural treatment for beard dandruff? ›

Aloe vera gel is one of the best home remedies for dandruff. A natural anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory product, its regular application to your beard can soothe itchiness, help get rid of beard dandruff and also prevent reoccurrence.

Are you supposed to leave beard oil in your beard? ›

Beard oil is classified as a leave-in cosmetic, meaning the ingredients are safe to be left on your face. As a result, you don't need to wash off beard oil shortly after use like you would with shampoo, which contains harsher ingredients that would otherwise dry skin out.

Should I use beard oil or balm? ›

Beard oils are best for those in the begging stages of growing out their beard while balms are better int the later stages. Balms are better for those who want more structure to their facial hair while oils are better for those who need an extra layer of skincare.

How can I moisturize my beard overnight? ›

Pat dry excessive moisture with cotton t-shirt, soft cotton towel, or micro-fiber towel. While beard is still slightly damp, apply dime/nickel-sized amount of Beard Oil into your hands, rub together and apply thoroughly to beard. Be sure to massage skin with fingertips to work natural oil into the skin layer.

What does drinking water do for your beard? ›

Water is the primary delivery system for the nutrients and lubrication to the follicles that your beard hairs need to grow.

How do I treat seborrheic dermatitis on my face? ›

The mainstays of treatment for facial seborrheic dermatitis are topical antifungals, corticosteroids, and calcineurin inhibitors. Ketoconazole 2% is as effective as hydrocortisone 1% cream. Ketoconazole 2% gel (Xolegel) significantly reduced symptoms of erythema, pruritus, and scaling compared with vehicle alone.

Should you put coconut oil in your beard? ›

Yes, coconut oil is excellent for the beard as it is a natural material that encourages growth without the need for chemicals while soothing and nourishing beard hair. Also, it's a more economical way to certain other beard oils that claim to smooth hair as it matures.

Can I put Vaseline in my beard for dry skin? ›

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is a mixture of mineral oils and waxes. Many people claim that applying petroleum jelly to their scalp or beard helps keep them hydrated. You can try massaging a small amount through your beard whenever it feels dry.

What happens if you put too much oil on your beard? ›

Just be careful not to overdo it, as the pores of the skin can become clogged resulting in possible irritation. Trapped oil can also plug hair follicles, leaving the hair trapped under the skin. This can lead to an infected hair follicle or even the atrophy of the follicle itself over time.

What is the best oil for extremely itchy scalp? ›

Much like tea tree oil, peppermint oil can help alleviate your itchy scalp, too. Peppermint oil naturally soothes inflammation and also includes natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. A staple in the natural hair community, coconut oil can be used for many things including relieving an itchy scalp.

What essential oils are good for itchy scalp and dandruff? ›

Research has shown that certain essential oils — such as bergamot, lemongrass, tea tree, and thyme — can be effective in controlling dandruff.

What oil is good for beards? ›

9 Best Natural Oils for Your Beard
  • Virgin Argan Oil. ...
  • Pure Jojoba Oil. ...
  • Vitamin E Oil. ...
  • Sweet Almond Oil. ...
  • Apricot Kernel Oil. ...
  • Avocado Oil. ...
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil. ...
  • Hemp Seed Oil.
Feb 13, 2023

How often should I put argan oil on my beard? ›

You can use argan oil for growth and maintenance every day. You just require 4 to 6 drops of the oil to do the trick. You can either mix a few drops with coconut oil or olive oil to create a natural moisturiser or oil blend. Apply and massage it into the beard.

Do beards eventually stop itching? ›

It's also important to remember that no matter how clean you keep newly grown facial hair, most men can expect to endure 1-2 weeks of natural itchiness as part of their bearded initiation, caused by new hair's capability of collecting rogue dirt.

What kills the fungus that causes seborrheic dermatitis? ›

Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil has been shown to kill yeasts implicated in seborrheic dermatitis. Because it can cause contact dermatitis, undiluted tea tree oil should never be applied directly to the skin.

How I cured my seborrheic dermatitis? ›

Seborrhoeic dermatitis cannot be cured, because once an individual has become allergic to Malassezia on the skin, exposure to it will always cause a problem. The only way to keep it under control is to use anti-yeast treatments, which will suppress seborrhoeic dermatitis but not eradicate it.

How do you get rid of seborrheic dermatitis permanently? ›

Treatment cannot cure seborrheic dermatitis, but it can:
  1. Lessen signs of the disease on your scalp and skin.
  2. Alleviate the itch and swelling.
  3. Help you feel more comfortable.
Dec 6, 2022

What is the best shampoo for beard dandruff? ›

For common cases of beard dandruff, Dr. Belkin recommends starting with good old Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, which contains tried-and-true zinc pyrithione, a potent anti-fungal ingredient.

What is a natural antifungal for beards? ›

Research suggests that garlic is effective in treating certain dermatologic conditions like fungal infections. Tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar are also shown to have antifungal properties. Applying a small amount to your skin might improve symptoms of barber's itch.

What does fungal infection in beard look like? ›

If the infection is superficial, beard ringworm appears as a pink-to-red scaly patch ranging in size from 1 to 5 cm. Alternatively, small pus-filled bumps (pustules) may be seen around hair follicles in the affected skin.

Should I put beard oil on before bed? ›

You'll want to apply beard oil before bed and in the morning, says Nguyen. In both events, be sure you're doing so after cleansing the face and beard, and then patting it entirely dry. (After a shower obviously works great.) Because beard oils absorb quickly, you don't need to worry about them staining your pillowcase.

How do I know if my beard oil is working? ›

Beard oil is most effective when used as a moisturizer for the skin underneath your beard. You should start seeing an improvement in the condition and appearance of your skin and beard as soon as you start using beard oil. Remember that all types of skin, including oily skin, need to be nourished and moisturized.

How long does it take to see results from beard oil? ›

While some may see results in as little as a month, it may take 6–8 weeks for others to reach their desired beard length. You may start to benefit from the moisturizing, enhancing, and protecting properties of beard growth oil as soon as you start to use it.

Can coconut oil remove dandruff in beard? ›

Coconut oil can be highly effective at combating beard dandruff. Dandruff is usually caused by the presence of certain bacteria and fungi on your face, which can lead to itchiness, flakiness, and dryness. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil help it to prevent dandruff, excess dead skin, and irritation.

How do you treat dry flaky skin under your beard? ›

Apply your moisturizer immediately after cleansing. Rub a few drops of oil between your hands and massage it into the skin under your beard, working it through to the ends of your beard. To avoid more buildup, start with one or two drops. You can always add more if it feels like you didn't reach your whole beard.

Is jojoba oil good for beard dandruff? ›

Pure jojoba oil softens and conditions unruly hair and imparts a natural shine to your beard. Beard dandruff, also known as beardruff, can be an itchy, uncomfortable experience. Organic jojoba oil helps keep it at bay and provides relief from itching and flakiness too.

Does coconut oil stop beard itch? ›

Coconut oil can also be great for beard itch. Coconut oil moisturizes the skin under the beard and loosens flakes of dead skin. Buildup of dead skin flakes, even if it's not dandruff, can contribute to annoying beard itch.

Does apple cider vinegar help beard dandruff? ›


Another popular home remedy for various ailments, apple cider vinegar has anti-fungal properties which makes it an excellent treatment for dandruff-causing germs.

What are the disadvantages of coconut oil for beard? ›

Cons of Applying Coconut Oil on Beard:

Due to its comedogenicity, it could lead to acne breakouts. Acne may well be set on by any item that includes coconut oil as a component. Even if a person is not allergic to oils, coconut oil may induce skin sensitivity in certain people.

What causes facial dandruff? ›

What causes seborrheic dermatitis on the face? Dandruff itself is caused by a naturally occurring skin fungus called Malassezia globosa. These microbes play a role in breaking down sebaceous gland oils (sebum) on the surface of your skin. The microbes then leave behind a substance called oleic acid.

What causes beard fungus? ›

Tinea barbae, or beard ringworm, is a fungal infection that often spreads from direct contact with infected livestock animals like cattle. You can get it from other animals, too. Although this infection is contagious, it rarely spreads among people.

What fungus causes beard dandruff? ›

Beard dandruff is basically the same as dandruff on your head, with the same cause - Malassezia fungus. Yeah, it sounds nasty, but it's not as bad as you think. This fungus feeds on the natural oils that are produced by your skin, something that's called sebum.

How do you treat seborrheic dermatitis in your beard at home? ›

Other home remedies
  1. Soften and remove scales from your hair. ...
  2. Wash your skin regularly. ...
  3. Apply a medicated cream. ...
  4. Don't use styling products. ...
  5. Don't use skin and hair products that contain alcohol. ...
  6. If you have a beard or mustache, shampoo facial hair regularly. ...
  7. Gently clean your eyelids. ...
  8. Gently wash your baby's scalp.
Sep 27, 2022

Is Argan Oil good for beard dandruff? ›

The thing is, Argan Oil is excellent for beard care because it moisturizes the beard deeply and works on the skin beneath thereby removing fungus that results in dandruff breakout.

How many drops of jojoba oil for beard? ›

If your skin and facial hair isn't overly dry, massage a few drops of jojoba into your damp beard and on skin after showering. If needed, add a few drops of jojoba to your beard throughout the day, especially if you have trouble with dry skin and hair and in the winter and when ambient air is dry.


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