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General information about Viaplay

Viaplay is a personalized internet-based streaming service that offers access to audiovisual content by subscription, single purchase or rental ("Viaplay🇧🇷 One of our commitments under these Terms, and therefore one of the most important features built into the Service, is how Viaplay is tailored, customized and presented based on your viewing preferences. Viaplay is available on select smart TVs, mobile phones and other internet-connected devices that are compatible with our apps (these apps are collectively referred to as "inquiry"), as well as via our web-based application "website🇧🇷 Devices that allow access to Viaplay through the application are

Viaplay is provided by:

a) Viaplay Group UK Limited, a company registered in the UK with company number 02228654 having its registered office at Chiswick Green, 610 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 5RU, United Kingdom and VAT number GB579185684,

unless you purchased your subscription through Premier Media Broadcasting Limited, in which case Viaplay is provided by;

b) Viaplay Group Ireland Limited, registered in the Republic of Ireland with registered office at Broadcasting House, 3a Prince's Street South, Dublin 2, D02 A520, Republic of Ireland with company number 620991 and VAT number 3529343KH.

Viaplay Group UK Limited and Premier Media Broadcasting Limited are hereinafter referred to as "Gesellschaft“, „us“, „us" Ö "our🇧🇷 The company is part of a group of companies whose parent company is Viaplay Group AB (publ), (Swedish company identification number 559124-6847) (the “group").

These General Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (the "conditions”) constitute an agreement between you, the Viaplay account holder, and the person responsible for paying our fees (“she" Ö "are") and the company. These Terms govern your use of Viaplay and apply in whole or in part for as long as you have a Viaplay user account. The Additional Terms for Sky Digital Satellite Platform Subscribers form a part of these Terms only for Sky Digital Satellite Platform customers. You are also responsible for ensuring that all users who access and use the Website and/or App through their Viaplay user account comply with these Terms, where applicable. By accepting these Terms, you confirm that you agree to these Terms and that you agree to abide by them and, where applicable, seek compliance from all users of your Viaplay account. These Terms are only available in English and we will not archive a copy of any contract between you and us.

For example, Viaplay may be offered by third parties in connection with the provision of their own products and services. These third parties may have additional and separate terms and conditions that you must agree to in order to access Viaplay through that third party. We only use your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy, available

Access Viaplay and our content

Requirements to create a Viaplay user account

To create an account and access Viaplay you must:

  • have reached the age of 18;
  • Provide us with a valid email address. The email address is your login username and we use the email address to communicate with you where you allow us to do so;
  • be a permanent resident of the United Kingdom (we will verify your geographic location at the time of registration and you must not use any technology or technique to hide or disguise your location);
  • be an individual (i.e. not a corporation or other business entity);
  • Register your payment details; Y
  • accept and agree to be bound by these Terms.

You agree that all user information you have provided to us in connection with the creation of your account is true and accurate and that you will update your user information as necessary to keep it true and accurate at all times.

user and password

You are responsible for all activities that occur under your Viaplay account. Your Viaplay account is personal to you and should not be shared with anyone outside your household. Anyone outside of your household using the account is considered an unauthorized user.

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If you suspect that an unauthorized user is accessing or using your account, you must notify us immediately, change your password, and log out of all registered devices. If we have reason to believe that your account has been misused, we have the right to immediately terminate your access to Viaplay and otherwise prevent further unauthorized activity.

We have the right to ask you to change your password at any time.

Subscription plans and one-time purchases

The fees payable for a Viaplay subscription are collectively referred to herein as “registration fee🇧🇷 Any period during which you subscribe to Viaplay by paying the subscription fee is referred to herein as "application time". Your subscription period will automatically renew unless you cancel your subscription before your next billing date.

If you have a user account, you can access Viaplay content as follows:

  • By subscribing to one of our packages monthlyas offered at any time after payment of the monthly subscription fee and access to Viaplay for each month paid.
  • Subscribe to a package for a fixed and predetermined term(e.g. 6 or 12 months) by paying the subscription fee (in monthly installments in advance or in full upfront, subject to offer terms) ("Fixed term Inscription")🇧🇷 The fixed-term subscription represents the minimum period of time that you are committed to your Viaplay subscription. When the Fixed Term Subscription expires, your subscription will automatically convert to a monthly subscription (as described above) at the current subscription price at any time, unless you have canceled your subscription before the Fixed Term expires.
  • Pay separately for access to certain specific contentas a one-time purchase (like a movie), a 48-hour rental, or as a live stream of a specific event (like a single soccer game) ("single payment(s)"). If you have purchased a film, you will have unlimited access to streaming and playback of the purchased film, so long as the film is subject to an agreement between us and the rights owner. When our agreement with the rights owner expires, or when we request your access to remove purchased content, you are entitled to a proportionate compensation.

For up-to-date information on prices and subscriptions offered in the UK from time to time we recommend that you visit the website. Please visit the "My Account" page on the Website for information on your current subscription plan.

Technical requirements and updates

To access Viaplay content, you must have an internet-connected device that supports Viaplay's technical requirements.

Applicable system requirements and a list of devices and platforms supported by Viaplay are available on the website. Please note that meeting these system requirements and using compatible devices and platforms does not guarantee that you will always be able to use or access Viaplay without errors or other interruptions. The quality and display of our content can be affected by many factors, such as B. your location, internet connection and/or bandwidth, and may vary by device. We reserve the right to change system requirements or supported devices and platforms from time to time, for example when necessary for security reasons. This may result in certain software or hardware becoming incompatible with Viaplay.

We have a legal obligation to ensure Viaplay's compliance with these Terms and any other commitments we have made in relation to Viaplay. As a result, we will continually update the Website and/or App for security and/or technical reasons. It is your responsibility to promptly install these updates and, if necessary, update your device's operating system so that you can use an updated version of the application. We cannot guarantee that all versions of the app will work on your device. Application updates will be provided through the digital store or portal that provided the application for your device. You may not be able to use or access Viaplay unless you install the latest available version of the application.

Restrictions on simultaneous streaming, registered devices and offline mode

You may register and use Viaplay on a maximum of five (5) devices and you may not replace more than one (1) registered device in any ninety (90) calendar day period.

You may stream content on up to two (2) registered devices simultaneously, except for live sporting events which may be limited to one (1) registered device.

Certain content on Viaplay may be temporarily downloaded and viewed offline on certain compatible devices for a limited period of time. Please note that there may be restrictions on how you can stream content downloaded outside of the UK.

Illegal Use of Viaplay

All content that is part of Viaplay and related to Viaplay is protected by Swedish and international copyright laws. All copyright and other intellectual property rights in any material or content forming part of or related to Viaplay are owned by or licensed to us. We grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited license to exercise these rights for your personal, private use in the UK only (and non-commercial purposes) and in accordance with these Terms and applicable copyright law and you may have these rights not copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, sell, license, publish, display, publicly perform, modify, create derivative works from, upload, edit, post, link to, frame, transmit, rent, lease, lend or sublicense. You must not circumvent or attempt to circumvent our security system or attempt to test, damage or compromise the security of Viaplay, our website, application or software, hardware or any Viaplay device connected directly or indirectly to Viaplay. Any breach of the above shall always be deemed a material breach of these Terms and entitle us to immediately suspend or terminate your access to Viaplay or prevent further unauthorized action. In addition, we reserve the right to take legal action against violations.


Please note that not all content available on Viaplay is appropriate or appropriate for minors. You agree, whether or not you have created a child profile in your user account, not to provide access to Viaplay to minors unless they are under your supervision.

Payment, Fees and Trial Offers

Support financially

In order to view content on Viaplay, you must provide us with a valid payment method. Unless you cancel your subscription prior to the next billing date, you consent to us billing the subscription fee for the next subscription period to your selected payment method, unless you have a fixed-term subscription. If payment of the subscription fee fails for any reason, we may continue to attempt to collect your payment method and suspend or terminate your access to Viaplay until we are able to collect the subscription fee. If there are insufficient funds to cover the charges and your payment is more than ten (10) calendar days in arrears, we shall be entitled to collect the claim by other means and to charge you late payment interest at a rate of 2% above the Bank's base Rate of England per annum (calculated daily) from time to time.

The selected payment method is saved by us or a third party according to international security standards (PCI DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). You can update your payment method by going to the "My Account" page on the website. After each update, you authorize us to continue to charge you according to your last selected payment method.

If you subscribed to Viaplay through a third party and are billed through that third party, the payment terms provided by that third party will apply and any changes to your payment method must be made with that third party.

Fees and changes to your subscription plan

Fees are paid according to our current price list available on the website. Content purchased as a one-time payment is not included in your subscription and is therefore not included in the subscription fee, but is subject to additional fees. The prices displayed on the website exclude any data transmission costs or fees that your Internet or telecommunications service provider may charge you as part of your contract with that service provider, or transaction or other fees charged by your bank or credit card provider. the subscription fee.

We may change Viaplay's subscription fees and other charges from time to time ("change rate"). We will notify you at least thirty (30) days in advance by email and/or via your Viaplay user account before the price change takes effect. Other costs of providing Viaplay increase due to changes in taxes or general fees , currency changes, changes in fees due to third parties, official decisions or changes in legal or administrative regulations, provided that the tariff change corresponds to the cost increase.

If you do not accept the tax change, you have the right to cancel your application without penalty from the effective date of the tax change, as we received notification one day before the effective date of the tax change If you have a fixed-term subscription, paid in monthly installments and you cancel your subscription in accordance with this paragraph, we will refund your pro rata subscription fee. A tariff change may also include the introduction of new tariffs, such as B. Billing Rates. If you upgrade your subscription to a package with a higher subscription fee, you will be billed the new subscription fee immediately after such upgrade. You will then be refunded an amount equal to the number of days remaining in your previous package. If you downgrade your subscription to a package with a lower subscription fee, both the price change and the package change will take effect on your next billing date.

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trial offers

We may offer new customers different types of trial subscriptions, such as free or at a reduced price for a period of time ("trial offer"). To be eligible to use a Trial Offer, neither you nor any member of your family must have previously taken advantage of a Trial Offer or other similar marketing offer from us. If you or any member of your family have already taken advantage of a Trial Offer , you will be billed the subscription fee as if you were signing up for a standard monthly subscription at the current price.We reserve the right to verify your eligibility based on the information you submitted when signing up Trial Offer Trial Offer.

When a trial offer expires, the trial offer will automatically convert to a monthly subscription unless you cancel before the last day of the trial offer period. Cancellations are made by "My account"No place.

Separate terms may apply to promotions (including trial offers) offered by third parties. If you opt-in to such promotions, please note that cancellation of such trial offers must be in accordance with the third-party provider's instructions. The prices provided by these third parties will apply to your Viaplay subscription after the trial offer expires.

service error

If Viaplay experiences errors and the error is not caused by you or anyone else using your account, you have the right to a remedy under applicable consumer protection laws. You can take such legal action by filing a complaint with our Customer Service (see “Contact Information” below).

We reserve the right to charge you for costs incurred in connection with correcting an error resulting from your actions or the actions of any other person using your user account.

If you encounter errors with Viaplay, and such errors may be caused by your device, software, or network connection, you must cooperate with us reasonably to enable us to determine whether the error is related to your digital environment.

You agree that the availability of Viaplay may be affected by, for example, Internet or other network denial of service, ISP, electronic, computer or other communications problems or errors and that we are not responsible for any restrictions on use of Viaplay.Viaplay. caused by overload or such problems and/or errors.

right of withdrawal

If you sign up for any Viaplay Membership Package, you have the right to cancel your membership within fourteen (14) calendar days of signing up for your membership. If you exercise this right, you are entitled to a refund of the subscription fee you have paid. If, at your express request, the subscription is started during this cooling-off period, we are entitled to make a deduction from the refund equal to the number of days you had access to Viaplay.

If you purchase Content through a one-time payment, you have the right to cancel the payment within fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase. However, if you request to receive paid one-time content during this cooling-off period and start streaming your purchased content, you lose your right of cancellation, which means that you are not entitled to a refund of your one-time payment.

You can exercise your right of withdrawal by contacting our customer service.

The right of withdrawal can also be exercised by filling out and sending the standard form as follows:

For Viaplay customer service

I would like to inform you that I have canceled my contract with Viaplay

Ordered on [date]

Consumer Name [*]

Consumer email address [*]

Signature of consumer(s) [only if this form is submitted on paper]


Please note that if you bought Viaplay through a third party and wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must contact this third party with your request.

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your termination

You may cancel your membership at any time through the "My Account" page on the Website.

Your cancellation will take effect:

  • at the end of the subscription period in which you informed us that you wish to cancel your subscription (if you have a fixed-term subscription, the cancellation will take effect at the end of the standard subscription period); either
  • at the end of the notice period described in the “Changes to Viaplay and These Terms” or “Fees and Changes to Your Subscription Plan” sections of these Terms, provided you notify us as described in those sections.
  • Subject to the “Right to Cancel” section above and your rights under applicable consumer protection laws in the event of breach, please note that cancellation of a subscription will not affect your payment obligation for the remainder of the current subscription term, nor will you be entitled to a refund of any subscription fees paid in advance for the remaining subscription period.

If you cancel your subscription, you will continue to have access to content purchased through the one-time payment. However, we reserve the right to terminate or restrict access to any Content in accordance with these Terms.

Please note that even if you cancel your membership, your user account will remain active and the applicable parts of these Terms, as amended from time to time, will remain in effect for as long as you maintain your user account with us. You can delete your user account by contacting our customer service (see “Contact Information” below).

If you purchased access to Viaplay through a third party, your subscription must be canceled through that third party in accordance with their applicable terms and conditions.

our termination

We reserve the right to cancel your subscription or suspend your access to Viaplay at any time.

If we cancel your subscription, we will offer you the following:

  • continued access to Viaplay for the remainder of the current subscription term, or for fixed-term subscriptions, for the remainder of such fixed term, or a full or partial refund of the subscription fee last paid (pro rata upon our termination or suspension), without renewing his signature; me
  • Access to individual content that you have already purchased through a one-off payment where we have the right to grant such a license.

We have the right to immediately suspend or terminate your access to Viaplay and require payment of any outstanding subscription fees if you breach these Terms. If you have a fixed-term subscription, we may require you to pay the subscription fee for the remainder of the term immediately.

Changes to Viaplay and these Terms

We are constantly working to improve Viaplay and its content. Therefore, we cannot make any guarantee or promise as to the quantity or quality of content, functionalities, compatibility and interoperability with platforms beyond what is required by applicable laws and expressly stated at any time on the website. For example, the features and content that were available on Viaplay when you signed up for your subscription or made a one-time payment may change during your time as a user.

We reserve the right to update or change Viaplay and/or these Terms at any time, e.g. for technical, operational and/or security reasons, changes in the number of Viaplay users, changes in applicable law, decisions by governmental or regulatory bodies, court judgments and/or increased costs of providing Viaplay. We will notify you of any adverse changes to Viaplay and/or these Terms by email up to thirty (30) calendar days prior to the effective date of the change. Such changes will be effective on the date specified in the notice, but not less than thirty (30) calendar days from the date the notice was sent, unless the change was made by a possible violation of the law, employee decisions, changes in the law, or force majeure (as described below). Your continued use of Viaplay after the revised Terms are effective constitutes your acceptance. If (i) we make a change to these Terms that affects your access to or use of Viaplay and such adverse effect is not insignificant, or (ii) we If you make a tariff change, you can cancel your subscription without penalty and with effect from the effective date of the change, provided that we receive your cancellation no later than the day before the change takes effect. If you have a Fixed Term Subscription and you cancel your subscription in accordance with this paragraph, we will refund your subscription fee pro rata.

Additional Legal Provisions


We will do our best to ensure Viaplay is uninterrupted and streams are error free. However, due to the nature of the Internet, uninterrupted and error-free transmission cannot be guaranteed. In addition, your access to Viaplay may be suspended or restricted from time to time to allow us to carry out planned or unplanned updates or maintenance. We will try to limit the frequency and duration of any suspension or restriction.

We are not responsible for any failure to provide Viaplay or to perform any of our obligations under these Terms if such failure is due to events beyond our control (e.g. a network outage).

Nothing in these Terms excludes or limits our liability for: (i) death or personal injury caused by our negligence; (ii) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; and (iii) any matter for which it would be unlawful for us to exclude or limit our liability.

If we fail to comply with these Terms, we are responsible for any loss or damage you suffer as a foreseeable result of our breach of these Terms or our negligence, but we are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable if it is an obvious result of our breach or contemplated by you and us at the time these Terms came into effect.

The Website may contain links to other websites provided by third parties. We have no control over the content of those sites and accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise from using the links.

Damage payment

You agree to indemnify and hold us, the Group and our affiliates harmless from and against any loss, damage and expense (including legal fees) caused by or arising out of your breach of these Terms, any applicable law, regulation or the rights of any third party .

nullity of the provisions

If any provision of these Terms is held invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall not in any way affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms, which shall remain valid and enforceable to the extent permitted by law.


These Terms apply to you as a Viaplay user and you may not transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Terms or any part thereof to any third party. By accepting these Terms, you grant us the right to transfer some or all of our rights and obligations under these Terms to a third party or other group company. We will notify you of any such transfer and you may cancel your subscription without penalty and effective as of the effective date of the transfer, provided we receive notice of your cancellation prior to the effective date of the transfer.

Dispute Resolution and Governing Law

These Terms are governed by English law. This means that your access to and use of the Website and the App and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it (including non-contractual disputes or claims) will be governed by English law.

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You may take legal action in relation to these Terms in the English courts. If you live in Scotland you may bring an action in relation to these Terms in the Scottish or English courts. If you live in Northern Ireland you may bring an action under these Terms in the courts of Northern Ireland or England.

If we target the Website or App to (and/or conduct our business or professional activities in connection with the Website or App in) the country in which you reside, you will benefit from the mandatory regulations of the country in which you reside You are a resident. Nothing in these Terms, including the choice of law set out above, affects your rights as a consumer to rely on such mandatory provisions of local law.

Force majeure

We will not be liable to you if our performance under these Terms is restricted, prevented or delayed or if the availability and/or functionality of Viaplay is restricted, prevented or delayed by law, governmental decision and/or other reasons beyond our control becomes. .

contact information

If you have any questions or want to contact us, visit our customer contact us

You can chat with our customer support on our customer support page. After the chat ends, you can download the chat history in a persistent format.

Sky digital satellite platform

Viaplay Sports 1, Viaplay Sports 2 and Viaplay Xtra are regulated by UK regulator Ofcom. Ofcom regulates the editorial content of program services, including ensuring compliance with applicable regulations. These applicable regulations include, but are not limited to, requirements that certain material must not be made available to minors, that certain material must not be displayed (including material that may be hateful because of race, sex, religion or national origin) and governing transmission . material related to product placement in programs and sponsorship of individual programs or services.

If you have made a complaint to NENT in relation to any material available through the Service and you are still not satisfied with the response you received, you can make the complaint to Ofcom by completing the form available online under;


If you have purchased a subscription that includes access to Viaplay Group's linear channels and you use a Digibox and display card to access those channels on the Sky Digital Satellite Platform, these Additional Terms apply to Sky Digital Satellite Subscribers Platform (this "additional requirements“) apply to you.

Please note that these Additional Terms form an integral part of the Terms and apply in addition to the Terms. Nothing in these Additional Terms is intended to limit or alter what is stated in the Terms.


Address:Your UK address.

Channels:Viaplay Sport 1 and Viaplay Sport 2 linear channels.

Digital box:an authorized satellite decoder using Sky's conditional access (encryption) system.

Multiple Boxes:an additional cable box at your registered address to receive channels limited to a maximum of four (4).

Cielo:UK Sky Limited.

SSL:Sky Limited Subscriber Services.

See map:a card that, when used with a Digibox, allows you to receive encrypted digital satellite services (e.g. channels).


  • If you have a View Card, your View Card acts as a key to unlock (decrypt) the channels. Possession of the preview card does not mean that you are entitled to own the preview card after it has been sent to you and does not mean that you are entitled to receive the channels. The preview map remains the property of SSLL. If we ask you to return the Viewing Card after your subscription has expired or if we ask you to return it if you receive a replacement.
  • Only you can use the Viewing Card sent by us, Sky or SSLL. You may only use the Viewing Card at your address with the Digibox in which it was first used to receive channels and you may only use it for private viewing purposes. You may not use it for any commercial or business purpose (including but not limited to use in a pub, office, club, hotel, inn or similar establishment) or anywhere other than your address. You do not have the right to transmit the channels hereafter for others to view on any medium. If you do so, you will be in breach of these Additional Terms and Viaplay may terminate your Viewing Card immediately without refund and Viaplay reserves the right to prosecute you for breach and disclose your information to other aggrieved parties.
  • You may only give your Viewing Card to us, Sky or SSLL if you are required to do so under these Additional Terms. This constitutes a breach of these Additional Terms and we may terminate your Viewing Card immediately without refund and reserve the right to prosecute you for this breach and disclose your information to other aggrieved parties.
  • You may not modify the Viewing Card or Digibox or use it for anything not authorized by Viaplay.
  • In order to continue receiving channels without interruption, your graphics card must remain in your Digibox at all times, and you must keep the Digibox connected to an appropriate power source and satellite dish and on standby when not in use. You must allow us, Sky or SSLL to update the software on your Digibox by sending additional satellite signals to your Digibox. Your Digibox software remains the property of SSLL.
  • Viaplay is entitled to disclose your name, address and information about the channels you receive via the Viewing Card as part of the proper administration of the digital satellite system.
  • Your Viewing Card may not be used outside the UK and any change of address must be notified to Viaplay immediately.


  • We reserve the right to replace or withdraw programs promoted on the Channels. We can change, increase or decrease the number of hours for each of the channels. We can encrypt or decrypt any channel at any time. We can transfer programs between channels.
  • We can change or withdraw any channel.
  • If such changes represent a significant reduction in the total number of programs within the Channels or the level of service of your chosen subscription, you may have the right to cancel the subscription as described in the heading "Changes to Viaplay and these Terms" on.
  • We may offer additional channels. If the subscription fee increases due to the addition of additional channels, we will notify you as described in the "Changes to Viaplay and Terms" heading above.


You must not do the following:

  • Copy, redistribute or rebroadcast the Channels or any part thereof or otherwise deal with the Channels or any part thereof.
  • produce, provide or exploit any programme, service or content (whether audio or audio-visual or otherwise) using the Channels or any part thereof, or using any part of the Channels for any commercial purpose;
  • Sell ​​or charge to view the Channels or parts thereof; either
  • Show the Channels publicly to an audience, even if no fee is charged, or use the Service or any part of it except to watch the Channels privately for non-commercial purposes at your address.
  • We may remotely disable or change certain features of your Digibox to prevent you from copying channels and we may prevent you from receiving channels if your Digibox allows channel copying that we are contractually obligated to prevent.


  • You have the right to use up to 4 (four) ATMs per household at no additional cost.
  • In addition to what is set forth in the “Our Cancellation” heading above, Viaplay may cancel your subscription to any Channel at any time (including during a Commitment Period) if for any reason we fail to broadcast, distribute or make available that Channel.
  • Except as set forth above under the heading "Liability", we shall not be liable for any failure to provide the Channels or to perform any of our obligations under the Terms (including any Additional Terms) if such failure is attributable to a third party. Part, vendor, device manufacturer, or supplier.

Stand: November 2022


How do you write a cancellation clause? ›

giving written notice of termination to the defaulting Party, terminate this Agreement as of a date specified in the notice of termination (the “Termination Date”) such Termination Date being subsequent to the date of the notice of termination.

How do you end terms and conditions? ›

Create an Acknowledgment Statement. End-users must accept your terms and conditions for it to be a valid contract. An acknowledgment statement can satisfy this contractual element. For example, you could write: “The undersigned agrees to the terms and conditions contained herein.”

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If you do not follow terms and conditions you do not have any legal rights to use their products or services. This may lead to any legal actions which causes problems depending on the type of contract or agreement you involved in.

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The storm caused delays and flight cancellations. Notice of cancellation should be given 30 days in advance. There is a fee for cancellation.

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Terms and conditions are aimed at protecting the business (you). They give business owners the opportunity to set their rules (within applicable law) of how their service or product may be used including, but not limited to, things like copyright conditions, age limits, and the governing law of the contract.

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Jan 16, 2023

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What is a cancellation statement? ›

A cancellation letter is a formal notice to a guest that an event may not occur, or may be postponed.

Why is everyone updating their terms and conditions? ›

Companies are making changes to their legal agreements for a variety of reasons: to make them more streamlined or readable, to be more descriptive, to inform users about new functionality of the website or mobile app, to adhere to legal requirements of new laws such as the GDPR and so on.

What happens if I don't agree to contract changes? ›

However, in short, an employee can refuse to accept a change or variation in their contract's terms and conditions. The employee could also ask for a trial period, so they can work under their new terms and decide whether or not they are prepared to accept them.

Can you get sued for copying terms and conditions? ›

First of all, copying someone else's terms and conditions and using them in your business is certainly plagiarism, but more critically, it's an infringement of copyright.

What three conditions are needed to make a contract legally binding? ›

The basic elements required for the agreement to be a legally enforceable contract are: mutual assent, expressed by a valid offer and acceptance; adequate consideration; capacity; and legality.

Can a company change terms and conditions after purchase? ›

Most terms of business include a proviso to say that the terms can be changed. If there is an ongoing contractual relationship it is best to give notice to every client, customer or supplier to say that new terms will apply from a specified date and sending a copy of the new terms.

Is clicking I agree legally binding? ›

Yes, clickwrap agreements (provided they are designed, presented, and tracked in compliance with best practices) are just as enforceable as both traditional wet ink signatures and electronic signatures in the US.

What happens when you agree to terms and conditions? ›

When the user accepts the terms – i.e. checking a box or clicking a button to indicate acceptance – the Terms and Conditions become a legally binding contract. However, proper presentation and acceptance methods are key to enforceability.

What are unenforceable terms and conditions? ›

An unenforceable contract provision is not void, and if the parties perform as stated in the contract, the court will not object. However, because of reasons such as dubious benefit to any party, or extreme physical hazard to one party, the court will not award any damages for breach.

Do terms and conditions override consumer rights? ›

From 1st October 2015, everyone selling goods, services, digital content to consumers must comply with new laws protecting Consumer Rights. Regardless of your company status, sole trader, company, partnership etc, you must honour the consumer's rights in your terms and conditions and in your dealings with customers.

What contracts are void? ›

A contract may be deemed void if the agreement is not enforceable as it was originally written. In such instances, void contracts (also referred to as "void agreements"), involve agreements that are either illegal in nature or in violation of fairness or public policy.

How do you change terms and conditions of a contract? ›

Varying a legally binding contract can only be done by agreement between the parties to the contract. It can't be done unilaterally unless the original contract says one party can make changes without first seeking the agreement of the other party.

Is a contract legally binding if I have signed it? ›

A contract is a signed legal document which states the legal promise of two or more parties to be bound together in exchange for something.

What is the difference between a termination clause and a cancellation clause? ›

Specifically, the parties may terminate a contract upon an agreement or the contract may automatically terminate when the parties fulfill their obligations without any breach or damage. Meanwhile, the cancellation of a contract mostly is a result of the parties' breach of the contract.

What is a cancellation agreement? ›

A cancellation agreement is an agreement where the parties legally end their contractual relationship and the cancel the contract. The agreement specifies the parties, the cancellation reasons, and how and when the cancelation takes place. All parties in the original contract must sign the cancellation agreement.

What is a notice of cancellation? ›

A notice of cancellation generates a record that the canceling party has notified the other party about the cancellation. The notice contains the terms by which a party has the right to terminate the contract. It also states on what date the contract ends.

Should a contract have a cancellation clause? ›

If you have a verbal contract

If you've formed a contract with the business and you cancel, you're unlikely to get all your money back unless there's a generous cancellation clause written into your contract. The business could: charge a cancellation fee.

What is the purpose of a cancellation clause? ›

Updated November 11, 2020:

A cancellation clause is included in a contract or an agreement to allow one or both parties to terminate the contract before it is expired as long as certain terms or conditions can be met.

What to do when a client wants to cancel a contract? ›

  1. Be Firm. No matter the reason, you need to let your client know that breaking the contract will not work for your company. ...
  2. Pick Up The Phone. ...
  3. Come Up With A Plan To Fix Their Issues. ...
  4. Remind Them Of The Terms Of Your Agreement. ...
  5. Don't Get Emotional. ...
  6. Consider Restructuring Or Changing The Agreement.
Feb 6, 2018

What is a good cancellation policy? ›

A good policy should have a fee or penalty for cancellation, and enough time built into the cancellation notice so you can re-book the spot. Demonstrates Commitment When a cancellation policy is in place, and agreed upon by the customer, then it shows a commitment to the booking on the part of the customer.

What are the types of cancellation? ›

There are three common cancellation methods of cancellation: pro-rata, short-rate, and flat rate.

What are valid reasons for policy cancellation? ›

Some common reasons include:
  • Intentional damage to a covered asset by the insured, policyholder, or interested third-party.
  • Criminal record.
  • Insured poses a "moral risk"
  • Life changes.
  • Too many missed payments.
  • Too many claims.
  • Significant changes in risk.

How do I cancel an event gracefully? ›

How to cancel an event (gracefully)
  1. Stop taking sales. Once the final decision has been made to cancel your event, make sure to cease selling tickets immediately. ...
  2. Communicate with your attendees. ...
  3. Issue full refunds. ...
  4. Reflect and assess.
Jan 16, 2023

How long do I have to cancel a contract? ›

In general, once a contract is signed it is effective. In most situations, you do not have a time period where you have a right to rescind a contract. There are a few exceptions to this general rule. The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has a 3 day, or 72 hour, cooling off period rule.

What is a 30 day notice of cancellation clause? ›

State Laws. The standard cancellation clause allows the insurer to cancel your policy for any reason as long as it notifies you 30 days in advance (10 days if it cancels for nonpayment). However, this broad wording is often overridden by state law.

What are unfair terms and conditions examples? ›

Examples of potentially unfair terms include those that: charge the consumer a large sum of money or an amount that goes beyond what would be considered a reasonable pre-estimate of loss incurred by the firm, if a consumer doesn't fulfil their obligations under the contract or cancels the contract.

Is Cancelling a contract a breach? ›

A wrongful termination is a repudiation of the contract, and is therefore in itself a material breach of the contract.

What are illegal terms and conditions? ›

An illegal contract is not enforceable in a court of law. Such agreements are not considered to be contracts at all, and they cannot be enforced. Both parties are not entitled to compensation if one of the parties breaches the contract.


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