How to Dress British: A Guide to Classic British Style (2023)

How to Dress British: A Guide to Classic British Style (1)

Between French women's fashion, dark academic style and British fashion, we are dominated by foreign trends. If you're like me, you know you lovesomeabout how the British dress, but you can't exactly define what it is.

I've been a fan of Harry Potter for years and recently realized how muchAmarthe cozy clothing style. Although the films use early 2000s style, many of the garments they wear are still relevant today.

There is a clear difference between the modern British style andclassicBritish style. We're talking about Kate Middleton vs. British influencers here.

As a normal person I like to incorporate a bit of both (and many other styles!) into my wardrobe. It's easy to get stuck in the thought that you have to make a choice1style, but I promise it's not the case!

If you're a fan of British style and want to incorporate elements of it into your wardrobe, read on!

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Here are 9 classic British style basics to add to your wardrobe.

1. Layer it over a classic trench coat or overcoat

How to Dress British: A Guide to Classic British Style (2)

Ralph Lauren//London Tooth//refuge

How to Dress British: A Guide to Classic British Style (3)


I've always had a bit of a crush on trench coats and pea coats and probably have a lot of them, but a good coat adds an element of classic British flair to an outfit that you don't get otherwise.

Fashion icons like Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Katharine Hepburn and Kate Middleton were all photographed in high-end coats. It's a British style garment you won't want to miss.

as long as there is oneLotsFrom beautiful coats that cost a lot of money, you can get a good coat, sometimes even a pea coat, for very little money.

For affordable coats,Check out this style on Amazon.I bought it in black and light beige. This is one of my favorite coats under $50! I think it is true to size.

If you don't mind spending a little,Banana Republic has great coatsthat are beautifully made.Topshop is also one of my favorite options.for both trench coats and jackets.

When putting together your wardrobe, you definitely need to start with at least one coat. British style is all about layers, which you just can't do if you don't have the layers.


2. Peter Pan collar dresses

How to Dress British: A Guide to Classic British Style (4)

Tommy Hilfiger//1901//them in

Sure, Peter Pan collars are all the rage right now, but they've been around for quite some time and are considered classics, especially when trying to embody British fashion. A well-tailored dress is especially beautiful! You can pair it with more modern heels or simple pumps or even boots. I love how the neckline makes each dress look very elegant, even if the dress itself is super comfy (mine looks like a nightgown but is meant to be elegant, so of course I wear it all the time).

You can opt for a more modern, chunky collar with pointed, square edges, or you can go for a softer, more rounded look (which is more feminine and cute and tends to be a staple of the British wardrobe). I like them both for different types of looks: the edgy look looks great with boots, sunglasses and a clutch, while the crew neck looks super cute with a tailored coat, heels or flats and a classic bag.

3. Add some tweed

How to Dress British: A Guide to Classic British Style (5)

[see full post]

Tweed is another staple of British fashion, whether we're talking about classic British style or trendy ones.

Fabrics come and go in typical trends, but when we wear British clothes it's tweedforeverThere are many ways to incorporate tweed into an outfit. You can choose a tweed coat, skirt or blazer. I even love tweed dresses.

The trick to British style is making sure your tweed always fits impeccably. You shouldn't wear tweed pants if they're too baggy or too short.

If you like bolder tweed (like black and silver),Discover the island of Rio.Nordstrom always stocks more classic pieces..

4. Cute floral motifs

How to Dress British: A Guide to Classic British Style (6)

Whilst much of the truly classic British style is very simple (i.e. no pattern), it is quite common to wear a floral garment. I personally like to wear a floral dress under a coat with a scarf or a floral blouse with a blazer.

Cute floral patterns work best for me (nothing too garish or crazy, which suits traditional British attire). A pretty floral piece adds a bohemian, more romantic touch to a super classic and simple look that is very softened. I really like the dresses and tops fromfree people,ASOS, miPacSunfor budget options.

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5. Many layers

How to Dress British: A Guide to Classic British Style (7)

If you like British fashionsomehow, so you can't go wrong with lots of layers. I personally love this look because you can keep it cozy and warm and still look stylish. The trick (at least with classic British fashion) is to stick to dark, neutral colors and only wear one patterned piece at a time.

Mixing textures is also good: combine cotton with suede, leather, soft checks and of course knitwear for a touch of British flair. Ribbed stockings or socks are always good and can be paired with a variety of shoes, from over-the-knee boots to flat or chunky boots.

6. Classic boots

How to Dress British: A Guide to Classic British Style (8)

If you don't have a pair of classic "wellies" you're missing out. The Wellington boot was a staple of British fashion, traditionally made of leather, but over time they have come to be made primarily from rubber and worn for all outdoor purposes (e.g. I come across a lot here).

Hunter rain bootsThey're the most commonly available type of wellies right now, and I definitely recommend investing in at least one pair if you haven't already. Black, navy, and olive green are good classic colors that go with many outfits.

leather bootsThey're a staple that's also great to wear in an everyday outfit. They're not that expensive (unless you buy a good pair) and probably won't last as long, but they add a nice, earthy element that pairs well with jeans or a skirt and oozes British style.

7. Leather backpacks

How to Dress British: A Guide to Classic British Style (9)

native leather//LoZoDo//Cambridge-Rucksack

If you've ever seen Harry Potter (I sincerely hope you do or will soon), you probably know that Hermione Granger is almost never seen without a leather case. It literally adds a classic element to any outfit and is a great British style staple. You can get them for anywhere from $15 to over $500. Even if you don't have true traditional British clothing, a backpack easily adds that air.

I'm very tough on my pockets so I have yet to invest in a big name butDie Cambridge Satchel CompanyIt's very popular.AmazonasIt has some great budget options (I've seen a few, to say the least). My favorite part about a nice leather bag is that it flatters the outfit but goes with everything most of my bags can't hold as I carry a bit of makeup and my laptop pretty much everywhere.

8. Neutral blazers

How to Dress British: A Guide to Classic British Style (10)

A tailored blazer is a must if you have an interest in traditional British dress. Oversized blazers are all the rage right now and I love how they add a modern look to any outfit, but I wouldn't overdo it by buying too many as it's just a fad. A classic, well-fitting blazer never goes out of style.

Not only is it worth investing in great blazers, but also customizing them to fit you perfectly.Brooks Brothers,Banana Republic, miteam jhave the best vintage items that will last a while;to expressmiHMThey're good for cheaper or more modern options that still scream British fashion.

9. All in dark, neutral colors

If you want to invest in a truly classic piece, opt for darker, more neutral colors that will never go out of style. Stay away from anything shiny or overly standard, andNaturallydon't go neon If you're trying to add a British flair, a pop of color is often enough to brighten up an outfit.

I tend to love a soft, feminine vibe mixed with classic pieces, so adding elements of traditional British clothing suits my style perfectly! Unless you really want to be classy (and also live in London) you probably wouldn't incorporate all of these pieces at once, but almost all of these British fashion pieces are a great investment that will last you for a long time!

How to Dress British: A Guide to Classic British Style (11)

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