The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (2023)

Before setting or negotiating an employee's compensation level, it's a good idea to conduct a salary comparison with compensation data collected for similar positions at other companies. The best salary comparison tools give you access to a wide range of data, from employee salaries and bonuses to employee benefits, covering many job types, skills and job titles in different industries and locations. Some are free to use and include wages reported by workers and employers, while others offer paid solutions that provide market-based pay data from comparative pay studies.

We evaluated a variety of solutions and narrowed the list down to our top six recommendations for salary comparison tools.

  • Federal Office for Labor Statistics (BLS):The best general salary comparison tool
  • actually:Best suited for a combination of employee and employer reported data and job postings
  • ZipRecruiter:Best suited for employers who need easy-to-understand salary survey reports
  • suited for companies that need unique data filters to display salary data
  • Lohnskal:Best suited for employers looking for a compensation scenario builder
  • LinkedIn salary:Best for recruiters and LinkedIn users

Best compared salary comparison tools

Salary comparison can be used free of charge







Offer paid salary survey solutions





(Prices vary by product)


(custom price)


(Prices vary by product)

Employer and employee reported payroll data

Data Provided by Employer


Data Provided by Employer

Data Provided by Employer


Data reported by the employee

Including payment bonus


(shows only the percentage of respondents offering it)






Basic performance information





Not available in the free version


Robust data points (e.g. title, location, gender, education and skills)







Easy-to-understand data from paid surveys

Some are difficult to understand.






Downloadable Salary Comparison Reports




Not available in the free version

Not available in the free version


Bureau of Labor Statistics: Best General Pay Comparison Tool

Department of Labor Statistics

The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (1)

Total score: 4.16VON 5

what we like

  • No fees to access and download salary comparison reports
  • Large database of employer-reported data from national surveys conducted by the government
  • Robust data filters
  • Large selection of downloadable reports

What is missing

  • The names of the companies surveyed are not disclosed; I can't see the list of companies that pay well for a selected position
  • bonus data not available; only lists the percentage of responding companies that offer it
  • Some reports are difficult to understand; requires additional resources to verify location and/or branch codes
  • The site looks outdated

Bureau of Labor Statistics prices

  • Salary comparison tools are free.
  • Reports are free to download

Γ–Department of Labor Statistics(BLS) is the largest of its kind. It is a highly scientific government survey that is free to download. The data comes from quarterly employer surveys across the country and has the most robust filtering and downloading capabilities. This helps you account for organizational, regional, and other variances in compensation.

With an overall rating of 4.16 out of 5, BLS scored highly for pricing, comparison tools, and reports due to its free salary survey reports, employer-reported data nationwide, and multiple filtering options. It received a poor usability rating, mainly due to its outdated-looking website, which made salary reports difficult to navigate.

The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (2)

Summary of wages from the Bureau of Labor Statistics wage survey (Source: BLS)

Bureau of Labor Statistics prices

You can download BLS' wide range of pay surveys and pay comparison reports (the other providers on our list either don't offer this option or charge more for it).

Ressourcen des Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Robust database:The database includes 800 professions and 400 industries with the following salary dataNorth American Industrial Classification System (NAICS)Industry Codes. The large data set of the BLS with standardized job titles and job descriptions also enables you to make a direct comparison. So while titles on other sites may vary widely over time, you can use standardized BLS position data, such as the 13-1111 code for management analysts, for year-to-year comparisons.
  • Various filter options:Unlike Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn, BLS has many filtering options. Sort data by company size, full-time and part-time job status, hourly and performance-based pay, job level, job characteristics, and bargaining status (unionized or non-unionized). You can also filter by national, regional, state, metro, and city data to account for regional salary differences.
  • Downloadable reports:Depending on the report type you choose, you can download salary data in PDF and XLS file formats. For survey results with charts, BLS lets you download your charts as JPEG and PNG images that you can attach to your own reports. None of the other providers in this guide have this functionality.

Bureau of Labor Statistics cons

While the large, standardized dataset and filters are great, they come at the expense of usability. The BLS interface is cumbersome and difficult to navigate and use. The datasets are large, but not very granular due to the patterning technique. This means you may not be able to find an exact match for your specific job if it doesn't match a profession or industry used by the BLS. There is also no company-specific data, which makes a competitive analysis difficult.

Indeed: Best for data reported by employees, employers, and job postings


The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (3)

Total score: 4.03VON 5

what we like

  • Totally free; unlimited
  • It has a database of more than 700 million salaries; Data sources include wages reported by employers and employees, and salary information from job postings
  • Shows salary satisfaction percentage and benefits shared among employees
  • Lists the highest paying companies for the selected job title and location

What is missing

  • Shows only the base salary; Bonuses not included
  • Data filters are not robust; You must scroll through the salary comparison page to view salary information based on skills, work experience, location and company
  • Missing downloadable compensation reports

Current price

  • Salary comparison tools are free.

actuallyis one of the largest job boards on the market. It has a robust salary record, which is a combination of information from past and current job postings on Indeed, including those reported anonymously by employees and employers. It's completely free, and since Indeed collects data from many companies, it's a good tool for competitor analysis.

Indeed scored 4.03 out of 5 in our review, earning perfect marks for pricing due to its free salary research tools. It had the lowest reporting score because you cannot download salary comparison reports. It also lacks robust data filters like Payscale,, and BLS.

The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (4)

Indeed Salary Comparison Tool (Source: Indeed)

Current price

While Indeed's salary comparison tool is free, other solutions like sponsored jobs ($5 to $499 per day) and resume searches ($100 or $200 per month) require you to pay. However, posting jobs on their platform is free.

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fact resources

  • Large Salary Database:With a database of over 700 million salaries, you can easily view jobs with titles or job descriptions similar to yours. You have access to a variety of payment data by function, location and company. In addition to salaries reported by employees and employers, Indeed derives its salary information from job listings posted on its website in the last 36 months.
  • Robust salary range data:You can see the averageI pay hourly wagesfor a specific job, including the salary range for that job. In fact, it also has a dropdown button that allows you to view daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly salaries. Also, being able to see the salary satisfaction ratings for a position is helpful as it adds information on how competitive your salary range is. In fact, however, it is missingprimaAmounts that many of the providers listed have (except ZipRecruiter and BLS).
  • Key data of employee benefits:information aboutEmployee bonusallows you to consider changing and improving the performance part of your compensation package. Indeed allows you to view benefits and/or perks common to employees of a particular company (if available) and the selected position. These benefit options include health insurance, retirement plans, life insurance, paid time off, and stock options.
  • Competitive Analysis:Because Indeed has a large salary database, you'll likely see how much competing companies are offering for the same position. In fact, it even lists companies that offer competitive salaries, including how much they were paid for the job β€” data ZipRecruiter,, and the BLS don't have.

really disabled

In fact, it's great for getting a general idea of ​​the right salary for a single position. But it would be even better if you could download the data. This would allow users to refine their analysis e.g. B. Removing outliers or focusing on specific competitor companies. The downloadable data would also allow employers to automate the process if they need to review a large number of jobs or want to keep an analysis going.

Read the full Indeed review

ZipRecruiter – Best suited for employers who need easy-to-understand salary comparison reports


The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (5)

Total score: 3.91VON 5

what we like

  • Free and easy to use
  • It has a simple but easy to understand online salary comparison summary.
  • The salary database includes 35,000 positions

What is missing

  • Comparative reports cannot be downloaded
  • Bonus and performance data not available
  • Limited data filters; only allows wages to be displayed by hour, week, month, year and in table format

ZipRecruiter Pricing

  • Salary comparison tools are free.

ZipRecruiteris an online talent marketplace and recruitment solution to post jobs and find qualified candidates. It also offers a salary comparison tool that includes compensation information from job listings posted on its website and third-party data sources (like ADP). Your salary survey results are easy to understand and include a brief but helpful summary explaining the average annual salary and salary range for the selected position.

In our test, it received an overall score of 3.91 out of 5 points. Ease of use and free salary comparison tools have contributed to its high ratings. However, ZipRecruiter's lack of data filters and downloadable salary survey reports prevented it from scoring higher on this list.

  • salary comparison tool
  • Online Salary Report

The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (6)

ZipRecruiter Salary Comparison Tool (Source: ZipRecruiter)

The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (7)

ZipRecruiter summarizes your salary survey results in an easy-to-understand online report. (Source: ZipRecruiter)

ZipRecruiter Pricing

You can use ZipRecruiter's salary survey tool for free. For their paid solutions, which include one-click job postings, resume bank access, and unlimited candidate applications, you must contact ZipRecruiter for pricing. Based on the quote we received, your pricing starts at $16 per seat per day or $299 per month depending on the plan type you choose.

Zip Recruiter Features

  • Extensive database:Because ZipRecruiter gets most of its salary data from job openings that employers and recruiters post on its website (with over 7.5 million jobs posted daily), it maintains a massive database of salary details. It also has payroll data for 35,000 jobs, more than Payscale's 15,000 jobs. In addition, it uses compensation information from third-party sources, including ADP.
  • Salary Survey Summary:ZipRecruiter is the only provider on this list that displays their salary survey details in graph and report format. They're useful for translating the numbers into information you can use when reviewing a position's salary competitiveness and planning what salary rate to add.offer lettersπŸ‡§πŸ‡· Other salary comparison tools like may offer similar reports, but you will have to pay more.
  • Flexible Salary Views:It might not have many data filters like Payscale,, and BLS, but ZipRecruiter has flexible salary reporting options that make it easy to view hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly salary data for the position. It also has a "table view" that shows the salary range and average salary of different peoplepayment periods.

Disadvantages of ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter's online salary comparison tools may include a short, easy-to-understand summary report, but you can't download it or its bar charts showing average salary and salary ranges. It would also have been helpful to have data filters to show salary data based on various factors (like educational level and years of work experience). In addition, it does not contain information about bonuses and benefits, including the main competitors.

Read the full ZipRecruiter review – Best for businesses that want unique filters to view compensation data

The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (8)

Total score: 3,78VON 5

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what we like

  • Employer-reported salary information with 800 million data points
  • Offers a wide range of compensation and survey management solutions.
  • Various data filters; includes unique choices for sorting data based on performance, reporting lines, and number of direct reports

What is missing

  • Some products are expensive; can get expensive for small businesses, especially if you have multiple tools
  • Navigating through all of their solutions and services can be a bit confusing.
  • Some of your reporting tools seem to be out of date
  • The online salary calculator results cannot be downloaded prices

  • Online Salary Calculator:Buch
  • Personal Salary Report (for employees):US$ 29,95 bis US$ 79,95
  • Work valuation/price report:$245–$2.573 pro Person bei 15 Reporting Credits
  • Professional salary assistant (salary data subscription):$499 per month for one data range plus $399 per month for each additional data range
  • Paid surveys for specific industries and datasets:$995 to $4,975 per report
  • CompAnalyst (compensation software):custom price

salario.comis one of the oldest sources of salary data on the internet - the company was founded in 1999. It has 100% employer-reported survey data collected by data collectors and still offers a wide range of compensation management products and salary surveys. The information is updated monthly and there are some unique filters not available on other sites such as: B. Displaying salaries by performance and managerial level.

With a score of 3.78 out of 5, ranks fourth, just behind the BLS. Its robust comparison tools with unique filters, multiple salary reporting options, and ease of use have earned this provider high marks. You got the lowest price because although you have a free salary calculator, you have to pay more if you want to download the report. Also, many of their price and salary comparison tools are paid solutions.

  • single work report
  • salary calculator

The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (9) Individual Job Report (Source:

The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (10) Online Salary Calculator (Source: prices has several free solutions like their online salary calculator with unique filters that include HR metrics and benefits survey data that you can download for free. For its paid options, offers several products at different prices:

  • CompAnalyst (compensation software):custom price
  • Professional salary assistant (salary data subscription)
    • Month Signature:$499 for a data scope
    • Additions:$399 per month for each additional amount of data
  • Industry Surveys and Datasets:$995 to $4,975 per report
  • Personal Salary Report (for employees):US$ 29,95 bis US$ 79,95
  • Job evaluation reports
    • A credit report:245 $
    • Three reporters:661 $
    • Five reporters:1.041 $
    • Seven reporting credits:1.372 $
    • 10 Report Evidence:1.837 $
    • 15 Report Evidence:2.573 $ Resources

  • Extensive has a large database of employer-reported salary and benefits information with 800 million data points and compensation data spanning more than 4,000 reference jobs.
  • Exclusive offers unique filters that the other salary comparison tools in this guide don't. In addition to data filters for location, education, and years of work experience, you can sort salary data by work performance, reporting lines, and number of direct reports. The performance filter applies standardized categories such as "excellent", "above expectations" and "poor" to each position. This might make more sense so as not to specify what to offer and whenhire employeesbut by identifying potential for promotions and raises during theperformance ratingsπŸ‡§πŸ‡· On the other hand, the "Logging in" option adds an instant admin title to the filtering features.
  • Comparative salary and benefit data:You get a wide range of salary data showing percentages and quartile averages so you can see the salary distribution for the selected position at 10%, median (50%) and percentiles up to 90%. It also provides bonus and benefit data and, unlike Indeed, shows the cost of expected employer contribution per benefit (e.g. health insurance, pension and social security).
  • Multiple records and search offers a variety of options to fit the budget of any person or business. With over 4,000 jobs compared, it's not as comprehensive as Payscale's 15,000 jobs and ZipRecruiter's 35,000 jobs, but provides employer-reported data, which tends to be of higher quality, so it's a large, high-quality dataset. You can also choose between ad hoc analysis and continuous investigation.

Disadvantages of

While it has a great dataset, some of's reporting tools feel a bit dated. Also, the range of products and services is a bit confusing to navigate. It would be better if everything was condensed into a simpler presentation.

Payscale - Best suited for companies that want to create custom payscale scenarios


The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (11)

Total score: 3.56VON 5

what we like

  • Has a Compensation Scenario Builder
  • Wide range of compensation and survey management solutions
  • Offers products with robust data reported by workers and employers

What is missing

  • The price is not transparent
  • Differences between Payscale products can be difficult to understand
  • The results of "Price a Job" cannot be downloaded

pay bulk price

  • "Price a Job" tool:frei
  • Compensation Management and Salary Search Solutions and Services:custom price

Lohnskalis an easy-to-use tool that contains robust data reported by workers and employers. Like, it has a wide range of compensation research and management tools, although Payscale lets you create your own compensation scenarios, whether you need to create an organizational unit with new roles or a whole new company. This gives you a more holistic view of your payroll costs than the other pay comparison tools in this guide. Also, the reports are simple and easy to understand, but the large number of job titles can make it difficult to properly compare titles.

It scored 3.56 out of 5 in our test, with perfect scores for comparison tools and 3+ ratings for reporting features and ease of use. However, the non-transparent pricing of its paid salary survey solutions and services contributed to its low ratings.

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  • Job Pricing Report
  • Order Details Report

The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (12)

Payscale's free "Price a Job" report (Source: Payscale)

The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (13)

Payscale's job detail report shows the popular skills for the selected position, including the pay for each skill. (Source: tariff)

pay bulk price

While you can use their Price a Job tool for free, you should contact Payscale for pricing information for their paid products such as Insight Labs, Benchmark, Payfactors, MarketPay, and Compensation Surveys.

Salary table features

  • Robust data set:Payscale has a comprehensive database of 65 million salary profiles, 15,000 job titles, 3,000 skill types and 6,000 industries - larger than any salary comparison tool we've reviewed. And depending on which Payscale product you get, you'll have access to employee or employer-reported payroll data.
  • Different filters:Although you don't have's performance and management level filters, you can sort the data by job title, work experience, region, and industry. It also shows job satisfaction ratings, top performers and bonuses, skills that affect wages, and a percentage breakdown by gender for the selected job.
  • Feature-rich solution set:Payscale offers a wide range of solutions for building and managing your company's compensation package and strategies. In addition to salary survey tools, it has cloud-based compensation management software and an online job description manager to help you save and saveCreate job descriptionsπŸ‡§πŸ‡· This is crucial when doing salary comparisons and research as it will help you find the perfect matches for selected positions.
  • Compensation Scenario Generator:Their benchmark solution includes the ability to create compensation scenarios to help you review market data and payment trends. This makes business planning and organization a bit easier, as it gives you a holistic view of salary costs, whether you're starting a new business or looking to improve your organizational structure by adding job titles.

Disadvantages of the collective agreement

As with, it can be difficult to understand the differences between Payscale's products: they have Benchmark, MarketPay, Insight Labs, and other compensation data sets. They all seem to be market comparison products. With so many jobs in the database (15,000 options) it can be difficult to match jobs to their specific roles.

LinkedIn Salary: The best for recruiters and LinkedIn users

LinkedIn salary

The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (14)

Total score: 3.54VON 5

what we like

  • easy to use
  • Free as long as you share your payment information (LinkedIn, in turn, protects the privacy of members who have provided salary information)
  • Shows the highest paying companies and locations for the selected position

What is missing

  • Salary data is provided by employees; Some jobs may contain minimal information, especially if only a handful of employees share salary details
  • Limited data filters
  • Performance details not available
  • Salary comparison result cannot be downloaded

LinkedIn Gehaltspreis

  • Non-Premium Members:Free when you submit your salary information to LinkedIn
  • Premium subscription (for employees):$59.99 per month
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Lite (for employers and recruiters):$139.99 per month

LinkedIn salaryprovides salary information for the selected position so you can better understand the factors that may affect pay. Unlike the other providers of this guide, its data is primarily information provided anonymously by its employed members. However, it's great for recruiters who areUse LinkedIn to find qualified candidatesas they do not need to switch tools when checking prevailing market rates for positions. Also, their salary comparison tool is easy to use and understand.

In our review, LinkedIn Salary received an overall rating of 3.54 out of 5. Its free and easy-to-use tools, which show base salary details based on education level, company size, and other data points, contributed to its scores. However, a lack of downloadable salary comparison reports prevented him from being ranked higher on our list.

The 6 best salary comparison tools for 2022 (15)

LinkedIn Salary Comparison Report (Source: LinkedIn Salary)

LinkedIn Gehaltspreis

LinkedIn salary is free if you are an employee providing your own salary information. Those with a premium subscription ($59.99 per month) can access LinkedIn salary without having to provide their salary details online. Employers and recruiters who have a LinkedIn Recruiter Lite plan ($139.99 per month) can also use the salary survey tools.

LinkedIn Gehaltsressourcen

  • Solid Salary Data:In addition to a salary range, LinkedIn Salary displays base salaries by category. These categories include company size, industry, education, field of study, location, and top-paying companies. While it gives the estimated base salary plus additional compensation (e.g. a bonus), it does not detail the base benefits.
  • Data filter:LinkedIn Salary lets you filter salary data by industry and experience. It lacks the robust selection of filters offered by Payscale,, and the BLS.
  • Competitive Analysis:Like Indeed, you'll get insight into companies that offer competitive salaries for the job you're looking for salaries for.

LinkedIn Pay cons

Because LinkedIn Salary is based on employee-reported data, it is subject to potentially inaccurate reporting by those who only want access to the salary comparison tools. It is best to supplement your payment information with information from the employer or salary information from job advertisements on their website. Also, it's good for one-time analysis, but not for many jobs or tracking salary trends over time.

Tips on using salary comparison tools

Completing salary surveys is a critical process in building your company's compensation program. This way you ensure that you pay your employees at market rates, allowing you to attract and improve qualified candidatesemployee retentionwhat is more Regardless of which salary comparison tool you use, here are some important things to do.

  • Understand job matching variables
  • Balance between quantity and quality of work correspondence
  • Calculate the comparison ratio
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Salary ranges for a specific position can vary widely based on many factors including location, education, years of experience, and industry. For example, an engineer in New York City earns more than the same engineer in Iowa.

Job titles can also vary widely, so consider similar job titles when collecting salary data. Filter as many variables as possible to get data corresponding to the position you are looking for.

You must be careful to find the right balance between exact match and number of data points. The better a comparison profile matches your job profile, the more meaningful the comparison data is. However, by adding restrictions such as experience or region, you reduce the size of your dataset. If you reduce it too much, you won't have a large enough data set to get a reliable comparison.

Overall, you want to create a competitive salary package, so don't just focus on one number. Calculate a comparison area and a comparison system, short for Comparative Rate, is a comparison of the salary you pay your employees against the market midpoint for similar positions at other companies. Decide what scale you want to be at to be competitive, taking yours into accountemployer brandand other things you offer your employees like benefits and bonuses.

How we picked the best salary comparison tools

We looked at different payment comparison tools and compared the data sources of each solution and the types of payment information provided. We also considered other features such as downloadable reports, amount of data available, and ease of use. And while most have free salary survey tools, we checked if they offer an affordable paid version.

Click on the tabs below for a more detailed breakdown of our judging criteria.

  • discrimination
  • comparison instruments
  • Prices
  • Notice
  • Easy to use


comparison instruments






Easy to use

40% of the total score

Providers with a large database and those with data filtering capabilities were rated positively. We also verify the source of the data (whether reported by the employer, employee, or both) and whether the salary information provided includes benefits and bonuses, as well as average salary and salary range information. Both and Payscale got perfect scores here due to their extensive databases, robust tools, and multiple compensation reporting options. However, Payscale's job inventory is larger than's: the former has 15,000 jobs, while the latter has 4,000 reference jobs.

25% of the total score

Free salary comparison tools received the highest score. For providers with paid survey products, we look for transparent pricing and plan options that cost $50 or less per month. In fact, ZipRecruiter and BLS scored very well on these criteria because of their completely free tools. BLS also offers free downloadable payroll reports - ZipRecruiter and Indeed don't have that.

20% of the total score

Salary comparison reports should be downloadable and easy to understand. and Payscale performed best on this criterion, both with 3.88 points out of 5.

15% of the total score

We gave full marks to tools with intuitive interfaces and considered whether users need to spend significant time learning how to navigate their features. We also verify that the tools have a mobile-friendly platform and provide help options such as online manuals, video tutorials, and live support. Of the six vendors that made our list, only Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn Salary scored 4 or higher on this criterion.

* Percentages of total score


Regardless of the size of your business and the type of business you run, you should use salary comparison tools to determine whether or not your salary package is in line with the market. Access to up-to-date salary data also helps you develop compensation strategies to attract new hires and retain current employees. Some even provide information on HR best practices, e.g. B. when hiring qualified candidates,integration of new employees, and more.

we found thatDepartment of Labor Statisticsoffers the best value for money. It is free to use with an extensive data set drawn from national surveys conducted by the government. Job salary ranges, various filters, and various included data points (like salary quartiles, pay for years of work experience, and broad industry coverage) are also very helpful. You can even download your reports and graphs in multiple file formats for free.

Get started with BLS' salary survey tools today.

Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics


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